15Jul 2024
The entire packing and moving to the store process was very smooth. The movers handled our belongings with care, leaving no damage to the house, and their friendliness was impressive.
Nevin Egan
11Dec 2023
We were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and expertise shown by Chelsea Movers' team while handling our move last week.
G. Dawkins
13Nov 2023
The process of packing up and unpacking at the other end was exemplary; the movers were polite and professional.
L. Unger
20Mar 2018
Moving house went by without any issues for me. Removals were terrific, handled every aspect of my removal splendidly.
Kirstyn F.
18Jan 2018
I had a very positive experience with Movers, they were so helpful and explained the whole process very clearly. They made sure I was happy with everything before starting, and they made sure I knew what was going on every step of the way. It made a huge difference to the house removals for me.
B. Rust
17Mar 2015
In the past, my friends had had a nightmare with their removal company. A poor service combined with the fact that some of their items arrived at their new destination damaged, I knew that I had to find a new company for my removal needs, and quick. With that in mind, I contacted RemovalsChelsea. They were the stand out choice and proved to be mightily effective in delivering me with a removal service tailored to my specific moving day requirements.
L. Nguyen
29Jan 2015
I had no idea how to pack everything - it seemed like so much, really! All those furniture items, all those electronics, all those clothes - they felt like an overwhelming task. So I thought it would be a great idea if I hired RemovalsChelsea both for their removals service and for their packing/unpacking service as well. They turned out to be a very good choice and I did not even pay a lot for their help.
Elijah Gaines
10Sep 2014
You can not underestimate the need for a decent removals company when it comes to a full scale removal. We undertook our latest move last week, and the boys from RemovalsChelsea made it so much less of a struggle, it belies belief! You will find that they are honest, hard working and trustworthy individuals, who will get you from A to B in safety, without any damage, and for a great price. Excellent work!
C. Cheek
13Aug 2014
I made quite a few calls to the office of this company because I needed to check that everything was going ahead as arranged. There were always very helpful and informative and it reassured me in the build up to removals day that this was a company who knew what they were doing. It transpired to be like that on the day itself with the removal men turning up practically to the minute they were supposed to. The removal men appeared to have worked together before many times because I noticed each man knew his own job to do. It was quite impressive to watch and makes me think RemovalsChelsea is overall a superior company to other removal companies.
D. Ellington
25Jun 2014
RemovalsChelsea is a fantastic company, they were extremely helpful from start to finish. Everything went to perfect timing and RemovalsChelsea took care of the little things, they are a very professional and trustworthy company and I am a very happy customer. I couldn't have asked for a better company to help me move into my new home. Thank you so much, I will definitely recommend you to friends and family who would need such services in future.
E. Sauer
29Apr 2014
RemovalsChelsea have been a big help recently, as they've help me and my parents move home. On both occasions, they were able to deliver a truly fantastic service which really set them apart from moving experiences which we have had in the past. I cannot remember a single time in which I have moved home and it has been this simple and the fact that they were able to do the same great things over both moves, for me, shows that it wasn't just a fluke. From now on, they will be the first company who I recommend to people who are moving home.
L. Zhang
03Apr 2014
I'm really glad that I chose to hire RemovalsChelsea for my house move! I was moving to an entirely new area and I knew I'd have enough to worry about as it was, and that hiring professional help would be the best option for me. I hired a removal van that was a really great size for the price. I managed to load up everything - even my sofas - and get to my new home in just one trip! The company were very helpful and friendly, and it was obvious straight away that they definitely knew what they were talking about! Very affordable for the quality of service and I'm very, very impressed! - .
Myranda D.
19Mar 2014
Moving home probably ranks right near the top of things I really hate in life. I don't even think I own that much, which makes the fact that the rest of my family do even more annoying. The amount of possessions they have which seem to pile up would have likely killed a lesser company, but RemovalsChelsea took it in their stride. Without putting a hair out of place, they came in and moved all of our life in one fell swoop. Their help made the move the easiest thing in the world.
Isabelle Rivers
28Feb 2014
It's not every day that you see a removals team make such short work of shifting a full sized snooker table but these guys didn't even blink. They wouldn't even let me carry they cues, they had everything under control. I've moved before and these things can be an absolute nightmare, but from the first call I placed to them, they knew exactly how to approach the situation. Swift, reliable and efficient, and I'll certainly be calling them again if I ever need to move. Anyone who has any difficult to shift objects, I'd be giving RemovalsChelsea a call as soon as possible.
Alondra H.
06Feb 2014
It had been a long time since we had needed to hire a removals firm, so I wasn't really sure what to look for when it comes to removals companies. I'd called round to a few places before someone recommended RemovalsChelsea. From that first phone call I knew we were in good hands, they managed to provide the exact services we wanted at a price which made a huge difference. Thanks to these guys, we know who to call if we ever move again. Since we might not though, we're telling everyone else instead.
Osvaldo G.
21Jan 2014
This is a really good removals company. I wanted to hire a man with a van but I didn't have a huge budget to work with. RemovalsChelsea were able to provide just what I needed for my moving day so I didn't have to worry about anything! My removal man lifted all my heavy items and loaded them up into the van in a way that would keep everything safe while we were driving. He was really friendly and really put my moving fears to rest with his positive attitude! A great company - would definitely recommend!
Richard A.
04Jan 2014
I've moved house a few times before, and I must say it has never been pleasant. However, this time round it was remarkably more pleasant than previously. That is not to say that it was ‘fun' as such, I'm not mad! The team from RemovalsChelsea had a lot to do with making the move less stressful, and for that I am eternally grateful. You will find no friendlier bunch of people out there, and it was a real pleasure to work with them on what should have been a seriously dull job! I'd recommend them highly to anyone out there!
K. Gore
20Dec 2013
I have used plenty of different removal companies as I move often for work. I chose RemovalsChelsea this time after a referral from a friend. I didn't have much to move, but it was too much for me to do on my own. This company provided a great man and van service that accommodated my home removal needs. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable which really made me feel confident. They were able to execute the move quickly and I had my new home situated in no time. Most importantly, they were affordable. I was extremely pleased with their service.
C. Kaiser
05Dec 2013
The Houston family would like to extend out thanks to the team from RemovalsChelsea for doing such a good job on our removal last week! It all went really well, and the guys were lovely to have about. Everything went well, and everyone got on famously, which was a lovely double whammy! The move went really easily, and there were no breakages to speak of, which I must admit I did not expect in the slightest! Having moved a couple of times prior to this as a family, this was our best by far!
D. Rico
06Nov 2013
It was a pleasure working with RemovalsChelsea the other day. They made sure that we were well taken care of, and offered to help with the planning and packing for a little bit of extra cash, and I thought; ‘Why not!?' The extra money saved me and my husband a huge amount of work, and we were free to do all of our last little bits like visiting friends to say good bye once more and the like. I have always felt terribly rushed and panicked by the whole moving thing, but this was really easy.
Jenna Ferraro
22Oct 2013
Moving house is a proper nightmare. Getting everything in to boxes and shifting it all is horrible. I thought I would not be able to afford to get it done for me, as I need to be at work as much as possible, but ChelseaRemovals made it completely possible. I was pretty impressed by the rates that they charge as well as the service, as it all worked out as being within my budget and nothing went wrong! I couldn't believe that i could get the house moved as well as staying at work and having time for my kids.
Kara W.
19Oct 2013
Moving house was extremely stressful, as I was worried about everything getting broken. The team of removals men that helped us were great however, as they made sure that everything was loaded in a way that kept it all safe and sound. The move was fairly quick and easy despite my concerns, and I found the team to be extremely useful in answering any questions that I had, which again, helped me feel more confident of the process. In the end I had nothing to worry about, and all was well and nothing was damaged or broken.
Santino Porter
16Oct 2013
I was well impressed by the team at ChelseaRemovals who made us feel really welcome and at ease. It is sometimes hard to keep your head on when there is so much to sort out during the move, and we were not looking forward to the stress of it all. The guys and girls helping us out were really sweet, and made sure that we were happy at all times, which was really useful. Thankfully we were able to relax a little and were not tearing our hair out like we thought we would be.
K. Caswell
13Oct 2013
You know when you have to move all of your stuff between student halls and your home? My parents could not help me on the day I needed, so I called ChelseaRemovals. I expected them to be way too expensive for my budget, but they sorted something out for me so that I could afford it. They really helped me out of a tight spot, I would have been in a lot of trouble if not! I'd give the team five stars for being friendly, helpful and great value for money, whilst also keeping me in the loop as to how things were going at all times, so there was never any worry!!
Finn R.
10Oct 2013
Moving into our first home was a big upheaval for my wife and I but with the right removal company, a move can actually be quite easy. I wanted to have the move dealt with in a day and keep my costs down as we were both on a budget. ChelseaRemovals really does give you the best of both worlds - the removal was cheap and yet very well managed and delivered in one afternoon. Everything we own was packed up properly and unpacked, including our bulky furniture which had to be moved in bits, and the removal team were very helpful and friendly.
Ashely Stubbs
07Oct 2013
My partner and I moved into our new house with ChelseaRemovals and we were really pleased with the service. My partner had a bad experience with another removal company who lost some of his belongings, and we were worried about this happening, but everything was handled brilliantly by this one - they used a checklist to make sure that all the boxes were checked off and used padding and bubble wrap for all our glass items. The removal staff were friendly, knowledgeable and very thorough and helped us with everything we asked them to. They even offered to help us unpack!
Sherman Arsenault
04Oct 2013
For a respectable firm, which truly cares about its customers, there is really only one removal company you can consider. ChelseaRemovals performed what I can only describe as the easiest and most stress-free move I have ever had to undertake. This is a company who clearly treats its clientele's satisfaction as the highest priority. At all points during their service, I felt like I was a valued customer who was being treated with honesty and respect. I would definitely turn to them if I need to move again and would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone.
Eliseo Boothe
01Oct 2013
My flat move with ChelseaRemovals was carried out to an excellent standard. I had no problems with the removal whatsoever while it was being carried out by this firm, which worked professionally and efficiently throughout. Their staff were friendly and easy to talk to and were always open to suggestions about where to put my possessions. On top of this, the service was extremely affordable, with a price that was perfect for me. When I move again, I will definitely use this firm and I have already recommended them to all of my friends. Thanks!
Marguerite H.
28Sep 2013
Speedy. Efficient. No messing around. I booked ChelseaRemovals through a recommendation from a colleague. At first I must admit I was sceptical, as my wife and I have had bad experiences with removals companies in the past. However, these men were on top form: they arrived on time (early, in fact), were well presented and displayed a ‘can-do' attitude from the start. They then proceeded to go above and beyond their line of duty, helping my wife and I vacate our house. A removals company that will go far, in my opinion.
Matteo Medina
25Sep 2013
I cannot think of any other company I would or even could recommend more than ChelseaRemovals. I have moved house a few times in my life and this last time was the first instance of me trying out a new company. I am happy to report that they were fantastic in every way. They did not mind me 'taking charge' a little bit and directing them where to go with everything, but equally I knew I could rely on them to take the initiative where necessary. It was all just very simple and there was no wasted time involved. They did what it said they did on the tin and for that I am very grateful.
T. Aguilar
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